Prologue – Opening Act

  1. A journey in 40 chapters.
  2. Life sucks without books.

As said elsewhere, this is my attempt to keep my thoughts straight as I complete my 2016 reading challenge. I am going to try to catch up writing reviews of the 10 books I’ve read already (I am keeping a tally by category here). I am deciding what book to read for each category as I go along as I find having a long list intimidating (thank you very much Goodreads 😉 – though in all honesty, that is probably more related to my ‘to read-hoarding’ tendencies).

What I am hoping to get out of this is a lasting place where I keep track of impressions books leave on me. As I signed up for Goodreads and added books to my ‘already read’ list, it became painfully clear that I have bad recollection of books and I would like to change that. And while I think it has partially to do with the notion that some books just didn’t leave an impression on me, I also know that I easily forget things. As my friends can tell you, I don’t remember names, movie titles, song lyrics or anything remotely related to that. Yet, I find myself all the time particularly liking a certain quote in a book, or a detailed description of something, and I really just want to be able to look back upon these things and be reminded of emotions and thoughts I had when I came upon them for the first time. So here I am starting this blog (and jeez do I hope I can be an actual adult this time and keep it up) in order to ensure some backup to my lapse in memory.

I imagine this blog to be a journey in 40 chapters. Let’s make this happen.

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