Chapter 11 – The Shining ♠♠♠♠ and 1/2♠

chapter 11

  1. Well this just sparked my love for Stephen King.
  2. You can’t even imagine how many times I had to put this book down to check my own sanity.

I wasn’t scared.

Cause it wasn’t your typical horror story.

It was definitely a mind-game.

Ok I lied. I was scared.

Based on Joe’s yearly The Shining re-read in Friends, I had readied my freezer, leaving a book size spot available just in case I needed to hide this novel somewhere. And of course, I had seen Kubrick’s film prior to reading this, but nothing prepared me for the psychological warfare that was about to begin. First, King makes you care about the characters. Anyone can relate to at least some of their experiences, their feelings, and their believes. Then, he makes you think something supernatural is going on, yet leaving plenty of room for doubt that all of this are just figments of the character’s imaginations. And to finish it off, he has you question your own sanity, making you feel real crazy at times. While all this is happening, you sit there expecting to be scared because of monsters, murderers, or other mean and magic mungers, but no, you “just” get scared shitless because you may already are or could go crazy yourself.

At no fault of the author’s, I gave this King story 4.5 spades because I already knew so much about it. So there wasn’t much surprise. I wish I could’ve read this prior to watching the movie or hearing anything about the novel. Admittedly though, the Kubrick movie does not bring across the complexity of the characters, the sinisterness of the story, and the hope that everything will work out in the end. That, my friends, is King genius in a nutshell.

This book will not be my only Stephen King anything (how this was my inaugural full King novel in the first place I can’t even comprehend). In fact, I have bought several of his books already, which I will devour at my earliest convenience. And guess who has scored tickets to hear him speak on his current book tour? This girl! Which brings me to my next point – June will take a little detour in this year’s book challenge as I will designate it King month in order to prepare for his tour. I have also toyed with the idea of making next year’s book challenge all about King so I can make my way through all his writings.

In short, The Shining gets ♠♠♠♠1/2♠ and my love for King gets ♠♠♠♠♠♠.

People, read King. Quick!

6 thoughts on “Chapter 11 – The Shining ♠♠♠♠ and 1/2♠”

  1. This is my favorite King, and I’ve read probably a half dozen. (Being a Mainer, I should probably have read more than that, but horror isn’t my genre at all!) I didn’t see the movie until many years after reading the book, and though it had been so long, I was very aware of changes made for the film, which reiterated how the book stayed with me.


    1. Swoon I am so jealous. I am in Maine fairly often and have been “stalking” King for years with no sightings. Does he not shop in Freeport like any other sane person? Where is his LL Bean obsession?


      1. Ha! I imagine he may be more of a catalog shopper 😉 I sat next to him in a coffeeshop in Portland many years ago but at the time had no idea who he was.


      2. Jeez. Lucky you. One day, I’ll just “stealthily” approach his with a pen and my favorite book of his and corner him until he signs that thing or at least talks to me. 😉


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