Chapter 12 – Heroes Are My Weakness ♠♠

chapter 12

  1. Romance novels are my guilty pleasure.
  2. This one was meh.

Plain and simple, this was too predictable.

I often find this the allure of a romance novel but here it didn’t work for some reason. The plot is fun and has so much potential, but somehow the story misses the mark. I was entertained, however that was the only emotion I felt. I’ve read too many Nora Roberts novels where I found myself falling in love with the characters, experiencing their heartaches and their joys. I was expecting this for Heroes Are My Weakness but I never got there.

The saving grace of this novel are the idyllic descriptions of the countryside and island town as well as the historical flair of the story. All in all, this is an ok and quick read for a rainy Sunday or maybe even the beach, but if you’re looking for heart-wrenching emotions or butterflies in your stomach, look elsewhere.

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