Chapter 13 – The Graveyard Book Graphic Novel Volume 1 & 2 ♠♠♠♠

chapter 13

  1. Hello. I was a Gaiman virgin.
  2. I couldn’t have imagined a better introduction to Gaiman’s genius.

I don’t have a lot of graphic novel reading experience. In fact, I would call myself a newb. But I was set on finding one to read for the book challenge quickly. At the same time, after hearing so much about Gaiman’s books, I was hoping to fit one of his novels into one of the reading categories. So, I was browsing what my local library had to offer , searching for Gaiman books in hopes I could download one immediately. And what do I spy? The Graveyard Book graphic novel adaptations! And they were available for kindle immediately. A match made in library heaven. 

The story follows Bod who as toddler wakes up in the middle of the night to his family murdered by an ominous criminal named (man) Jack. Successfully evading the murderer, he stumbles upon a mystical graveyard home to an eclectic bunch of ghosts. Taken in by Mr. and Mrs. Owens, the boy gets dubbed Nobody  and begins a life amongst the dead. In being granted access to the graveyard, Bod also receives some paranormal powers allowing him to explore the graveyard like no living could. Under guidance of Silas, the guardian, who is a vampire (let’s face it people, he is), we see the boy grow up learning lots of valuable lessons along the way; which all come in very handy when the man Jack turns up IN MULTIPLES. The final show down is pretty epic!

Friends, I am a fan of Neil Gaiman. I loved the story. I loved the illustrations. And I loved the way all of this made me feel. Who am I kidding? I never wanted to live in a graveyard more. Since, we all know I am way behind my blog posts, I can tell you that I have since read two more Gaiman novels, Neverwhere and Stardust; and I will be posting about Neverwhere here shortly (Stardust has not been fitted into any of the reading challenge categories and may never will be).

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