Literary Hiatus III – 2PM break


Early morning reading went well, although I had some distractions in forms of coffee breaks, dogs needing to be walked, and my parents calling.

As I mentioned earlier, I started reading The Night Circus and I love love love it. I’ve made it to page 331 so far, not as quick as I wanted to be but still pretty good progress. I am pleased for my first readathon. I’ve also participated in a few mini challenges, posted on Instagram, and shot off a few tweets. I am being a lot more social than I usually am.

My content reading buddies.
Inspired by a Facebook post. Origami bookmark.

Sarah showed up at my house around noon and we moved locations to a local coffee shop with the most delectable cinnamon buns you can imagine. I promptly devoured one. I am currently sipping on some hot chocolate and everything is right with the world.

Hot chocolate and cinnamon bun goodness.

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