Literary Hiatus I: Dewey’s 24hr Readathon


Ok, guys! I wasn’t planning on changing the format and deviating from my chapter journey but there was just this amazing opportunity (read excuse) to read for 24 hours without having to feel guilty about reading for 24 hours, that I just couldn’t pass up. It didn’t help that the readathon community is amazing and super motivated. Their book choices are out of this world genius and I can’t wait to read their updates (see for example Sarah’s blog – yay for bookish friends).

So, for the time between Saturday, April 23rd 7am (CT) and Sunday, April 24th 7am I will be posting about my reading progress and readathon experiences. I have an enormous readathon TBR pile (see below) to choose from, and some of those may actually fit into the reading challenge categories. If that is the case, you’ll be reading longer reviews of those books later when I return to my chapters.


Anyhow, get ready! I think this will be fun. Expect lots of updates and probably some pictures as a few of us have plans to read together at coffee shops, sample delicious cinnamon buns, and splurge on some local ice cream. I mean, you have to stay motivated somehow 😉 when the eyes get tired and the mind wanders.

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