Literary Hiatus IV – first book finished, 6PM update

My favorite chapter title.

I finished book 1 at 4:21 PM. The Night Circus is fantastic (5 spades). The world we are introduced to is beautiful, magical, and unique. The characters are complex, eccentric, lovable, and relatable. The idea that your destiny has been long decided before you and that you can break this decision is not new but always uplifting to me. Although this essentially was a love story (sort of like Romeo and Juliet where two people cannot be together for reasons out of their own power), it didn’t feel like it. It felt like a mystery novel to me. I had no idea what to expect next. Now, I was certain that Celia and Marco would find a way to be together despite the game that they were forced to play which is supposed to result in one of them winning by the other one dying, I had no idea how they would accomplish that. Morgenstern weaved an elaborate tail describing their journey and I was happily following along.

My favorite chapter title was “Auditory”, simply because I am a nerd and I’m fond of the auditory system. My favorite sentence in the book was “Tara has never visited the clock-tipped hotel attached to St. Pancras Station, but it strikes her immediately as a temporary place.” I love this quote because of all the reference to time in it. I think the phrasing is really clever.

I already ate the string cheese.

After another stop at a different coffee shop, which came with a surprise visit by my best friend who brought snacks along (the bff indeed knows me well!), I am back home and about to start book number 2! Looking forward to Gone Girl.









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