Another reading challenge interruption


It seems that my year-long reading challenge isn’t enough, because here I am doing yet another readathon. This one is 2 weeks long (started officially on May 13th) and is very low key. Each one of us could decide how many books they wanted to read in this 14 day span and then pledge to finish them :).

So here are my choices and I will try my best to finish them. I only picked three books as I had family visit over the weekend to celebrate my graduation and felt precious reading time would be lost by visiting botanical gardens, having too many drinky drinks, and chatting away constantly while stuffing my face with delicious treats.


Nevertheless, I got some reading in over the weekend. I decided to buy the first book of the HP 15 year anniversary edition because the illustrations are just too lovely and I wanted to treat myself to something nice. I (re)read that one first justifying it because I am now also a wizard (proof below) and so thought it was fitting.


I finished the book within two days and fell in love with Harry Potter all over again (mostly I rekindled my love with Hermione to be honest). In fact, I got a little sad that I didn’t just choose only HP books for this two week challenge. I have read the series a few times now, in German and English, and I can’t believe I am finally actually purchasing the books. I should start a gofundme page to help offset the cost 😉

Exemplary Stories is on loan from a fellow book enthusiast from my workplace. He just stopped by one day and dropped it off thinking I’d like it. And honestly, those are often the best books. We all know I don’t shy away from recommending something I just read, so I truly appreciate when someone thinks of me. Bonus, he has parts underlined and highlighted!!!! So, since this book is on loan, I figured I should read it quickly to return it in a timely manner, making it my second book of the challenge. I just started it last night and only read a few pages but I am already intrigued by the language. You’ll read a longer write-up about this one later as it fits into one of my reading challenge categories.

I have been wanting to read The Dark Tower series forever now and I had the hardest time finding the first book used (in paperback!). Sarah to the rescue! I am now a happy owner of book 1 and I cannot wait to get my nose in this book. This reminds me, I bought tickets to see Stephen King in June! There is no real reason to mention this right here, except to gloat. So gloating I am. I am seriously fangirling hard over here and am sure I’ll have another hiatus from my book challenge come June.

With that said, happy reading everyone! I hope you’re continuing to challenge yourselves as well. Books are power and power we want.

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