Take Back Your Shelves (TBYS) readathon weekend fun


So, I did not finish my two week readathon the way I had planned by reading three books. I read two. I guess I am ok with it, but still ….

Anyhow, a long weekend is about to commence and JMILL WANDERS is hosting another reading challenge Take Back Your Shelves. While I am generally happy with my bookshelves, I mean I do like them bursting with books, I really need to conquer mount TBR, especially since I am about to embark on another hiatus from my yearlong reading challenge with making June my Stephen King only month. Thus, I decided to join JMill and her group to bust through my stash fulfilling some reading categories along the way.

My plan is as follows:

  1. Finish reading Mr. Mercedes – a murder mystery – I am about 70 pages in but I’ll probably read a bit more today.
  2. Finish reading Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass – a book at least 100 years older than you – I am about 40 pages in. This is a re-read.
  3. Read Exemplary Stories – a book translated to English – I have peeked at the first few pages during the two week challenge.


I have no clue if this is too ambitious. I am not planning on staying up 24 hours or something like that. Most importantly though, since I have already started reading some of these books, I will measure my success for this three day challenge in pages. Subsequently, my rough goal is to read 800 pages. Wish me luck!

These are so20160527_175934me additional books I could select if for some reason I can’t make it through my original list (just can’t bring myself to read one for example) or if I make it through it quicker than anticipated. And then there are more books scattered throughout the house (plus the ones on my Kindle) but I am currently too lazy to gather them up. Sloth life!


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