TBYS and the beginning of summer


So, the TBYS reading challenge is nearing its end and I have read a total of 824 pages – woot woot! – which means I have met my goal.

What I actually read!

My plan was to finish some books on my TBR list for the yearlong reading challenge, and whomp whomp that didn’t happen exactly. As planned, I finished Mr. Mercedes on Saturday. Nevertheless, instead of moving on to Alice’s Adventures or Exemplary Stories, I chose to read (and finish!) Eligible.


20160530_175920 (1)
This stack includes my original choices.

Switching my original line up was partially driven by my excitement of receiving my first Book of the Month box and partially by an invitation to come hang out at the pool on Sunday by friends. Neither of the first two books seemed to be good poolside reading material, but Eligible promised to be an excellent romantic read and it being a retelling of Pride and Prejudice just sweetened the deal. Now, in case you were worried, Eligible does fit a reading challenge category, so not all was lost.

On a small(-ish) side note aka let me digress for a bit, receiving my first Book of the Month parcel was the best thing that could’ve happened to me on a random Thursday night. 20160527_164005After overcoming the first shock that the postal worker left the package on top of, instead of in, the mailbox or by the door somewhere, and the precious package could’ve just been snatched up by someone else, I went a little crazy with my camera and documented my experience. First of all, the small announcement on the side of the otherwise non-descript box made me squeal like a little girl. Secondly, upon opening I was greeted with an ‘I do BOTM’ card and a diamond shaped ring lollipop (yes, like those we used to buy in middle school, lol). And 20160527_164206the20160527_164033n, I finally got to the see the book and the book cover. While I usually am not a fan of red anything, I love this cover. It just screams ‘read me, I will be so fun, flirty, and summer-esque’. I feel really girly writing this even, and it is sort of out of my character to swoon over a book cover, but then at the same time everyone knows that I like to indulge myself in a cheesy romance novel here and there, so ogling a book cover is not that far off. And honestly, this is not even that. Based on a literary classic like Pride and Prejudice, this is almost like reading important fiction, right? 😉 So, let’s not judge my temporary girlish notions too harshly and just ooh and ahh over the idea that I sat by a pool, in a bikini, on a beach towel, looking very important, reading this book.

Now onto my real reason why I am writing this update: my thoughts on the two books I read over this Memorial Day weekend (though there will be longer commentaries in the future for my 2016 reading challenge chapters). Mr. Mercedes is a solid book. I enjoyed following the investigation of the City Center massacre. The little love story with the tragic end tugged at my heart and I felt myself wishing that Janey didn’t have to die (this is not essential to the plot but was an interesting side story). This is not your typical Stephen King novel, though I even hesitate writing this as I have not read enough King to even know what’s typical, but we can find the beloved Horror author certainly within the lines. The book did have an eerie feel to it and although we get to meet the murderer pretty much right from the beginning, many of the aspects of his psyche are revealed one by one as we are used to from King. I would for sure recommend reading this book and am looking forward to diving into the sequel soon.

Eligible was what it promised to be, the perfect summer poolside read (and in my case also the right ‘lounging in bed to finish the book’ kinda novel).  Re-imagining the characters from Pride and Prejudice in this modern tale was really entertaining and kept me interested the entire time. At any given moment I found myself relate to one or more of the Bennet girls and my general annoyance with the matriarch of the house was a fun way to spend my weekend. For anyone looking for a light summer read that doesn’t veer too deep into the cliché and overly romantic nature of your typical hot weather novel, this is your book.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable (unofficial) beginning of summer. Read on!

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