Stephen King month has begun

Ok, here’s the deal. I am way behind on writing up chapter reviews for the Popsugar Challenge but we are already 4 days into June and June is, as promised, Stephen King month; to honor my fangirling over him which will crescendo next weekend with his book tour arrival in my city.

So, the plan therefore is to only read King books in June telling you the tale of this journey along the way in this blog. Now, I’m planning on squeezing in some, and hopefully all, chapters that I am delinquent on as well. And we are talking a whopping 5 chapters, 5 books I’ve read for the challenge, and have not commented on. Fingers crossed, I’ll manage to do this soon.


I have not decided what King books I will be reading, except for Finders Keepers, which I have just picked up from my favorite bookstore. Very likely, I am also going to pick up The Drawing of the Three as I really loved The Gunslinger and I am itching to turn more pages and read on about our main character’s travels. If you have any suggestions, please comment below. I would love to read books recommended by you guys.

Sidenote: I may break my rule for Exemplary Stories as this book was lent to me by an acquaintance and I don’t feel it’s right to keep it for that long.


Anyhow, here is to a wonderful month filled with horror, mystery, fantastical beings, and plot twists!

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