King book tour stop

Guys, it finally happened. I saw Stephen King. Never once have I seen him in Maine (though I visit around his neck of the woods frequently) or in Florida, where I lived in the same town as he does.

He was fantastic. I ate up everything he said. He was funny and witty, the right amount of cocky but mostly humble, a little raunchy, but full of wisdom. I want to just hang out with him and BS around. His talk included a wonderful mix of personal stories, well-timed jokes, literary wisdom, and just general life experiences.

2016-06-12 15.18.44
The cover has texture. It’s amazing.


With each admission ticket, everyone received the third book in the Bill Hodges trilogy. And I have to say, the cover is fucking beautiful! There were also 400 signed copies. I sadly report I did not receive such precious treasure, and neither did anyone from my bookish group. Either way, I will cherish this memory for a long time and I am super stoked to read the third book.


My morning routine these days. Hot chocolate and King books.


I finished Finders Keepers Friday afternoon and loved it just like the first novel. Though the cliffhanger in this one topped it all. For everyone complaining that this trilogy is not your typical Stephen King, read the last page of Finders Keepers and shut up. There in that last line of the book is our beloved author 100%. I almost dare say that the first two books are really just the backstories to the third. I feel like King is sort of reinventing himself with this trilogy. Who wants to be put in a mold? He doesn’t. He made that clear yesterday during his talk.



My favorite thing King said were his thoughts on literature critics, especially when he was a young, unknown writer. And really this nugget of wisdom applies to anything you’re passionate about. He said that he thought to himself (after another particularly bad review) “you know what, I am young, I’ll keep writing, soon they’ll all be dead”. I am glad I had brought my little notebook along to immediately jot that one down.

He also shared his current reading list, and what books he had packed to read during his travels for the tour. Just thinking about how much he loves books makes me all warm and fuzzy on the inside. I love seeing him at Red Sox (Go Sox!) games with his nose in a book. Anyhow, besides pushing his son’s recent NY Times Bestseller (which is now on my TBR, Joe Hill The Fireman), he also told us that he just started reading Before The Fall, which made me instantaneously giddy as this is the book I chose for the June Book of the Month book and low and behold had just arrived at my house yesterday afternoon. So, peeps, Stephen King and I read the same things (*smirks proudly)! That’s cray cray!

So, book friends, let’s get back to swooning over Stephen King and reading all the things. For me, that is going to comprise reading his books this month (as I’ve now mentioned way too many times), though I may dive into Before The Fall as well – I think it counts since he is reading it, too. Happy perusing!

Stephen King books and a Stephen King recommendation. What could be more beautiful?!

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