Mid-day update


I got a 3.5 hour late start this morning after deciding to sleep in. But I still think I made decent progress over all, especially since I also stopped for a coffee break and a few social media stunts. As per usual, the pets are my companions for the day. They’re the best reading buddies. I even snagged a great picture of Ms. Moneypenny this time.


I just finished my first book (309 pages), Legend by Marie Lu. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will definitely read the second one in the series. The story has a fast pace and the characters are relatable. I found myself rooting for both June and Day the entire time. This novel also fulfills one of the POPSUGAR reading challenge categories and I will have a longer write up about it when I am actually caught up with my blog posts.

Morning tea and a nice candle to start off the readathon.

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