Quick popsugar update

Guys, I made a ton of progress on fulfilling the categories (only 3 left), and honestly, there’s only one at this point that I am still struggling with. The dreaded self-help book one. I tried reading Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking and while it was interesting I just didn’t make enough progress and my library Kindle copy expired. And if I learned one thing this year, it is that I don’t need to force myself through a book at any cost. I am not going to push and push and push if I can’t get even a little excited about the story or the message. Don’t get me wrong, the purpose of doing the POPSUGAR challenge was to explore book categories out of my comfort zone, but I still think I should at least enjoy the book a little. So here I am still without an exciting self-help book. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

But here is the main problem, what I am super behind with are my chapter write-ups about the books I’ve read. I have of course rated them and wrote a little review on Goodreads but I have been exceptionally lazy with my journaling here. I really hope I am going to find the time to finish my book summaries and evaluations for all the categories by the end of the year. I really would like to say “I finished” my challenge. Any tips on how to be more motivated and procrastinate less? Has anyone tried using good old fashioned hand-written notes? Is there a good questionnaire I could keep handy and answer some questions along the way while I read to be better prepared for my actual blog posts? I have added quotes to my day planner (yes, I still use one!) but there is definitely not enough room to jot down general thoughts about a book. Is there a cool planner/journal I could order for the new year that would double as a day planner and book companion?

Hope everyone is happily reading the days away!

2 thoughts on “Quick popsugar update”

  1. I’m so impressed, I feel like I’ve all but given up on that challenge! There’s no way I can finish it in time. I just use Goodreads for all my updates, and write thoughts as I go along, then a proper review at the end. Try pinterest for some ideas maybe? 🙂


    1. I think I will for sure complete the challenge. I just don’t know if I will be able to complete my blog chapters like I had set out to do. But hey, the reading part is the more important part to me anyway 🙂

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