Chapter 21 – The Gunslinger ♠♠♠♠♠

  1. I loved this one so much!
  2. Inception meets Interstellar!

Stephen King is a genius. I’ve said this before and I am saying it again. By now, I read a few of his books and really enjoyed each one for different reasons but this one is just special. It combines my obsession with his writing with my obsession for fantasy novels and dark, dark places.

I read this book as part of a 2-week readathon and this is what I wrote after finishing it (I am re-posting this because it truly describes my sentiment toward this book):

“So, I finished The Gunslinger quickly – in fact, two mornings of reading and coffee/hot chocolate accomplished that job. I gosh darn loved the book. Everything about it was amazing. I was confused for the majority of the pages – love that. I had no idea who was good and who was bad – love that. The description of the different worlds, the desolate kinds, the old medieval kinds, the modern-today kinds, and the futuristic and fantastic kinds, were so vivid and gripping – love that. And the ending, gah the ending. I don’t even know. It was the most perfect mix between ‘Interstellar’ and ‘Inception’; and if you haven’t seen those movies, you should drop anything you’re doing and watch them right now.”

All hail the King! I am so going to read the rest of the series in 2017!

*I am trying to work on my chapter write-ups, so for now my super duper awesome drawings (that I make the headers for these chapters) are on hold.

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