Chapter 22 – Mr. Mercedes ♠♠♠♠

  1. Solid series.
  2. Book 3 though …..

This was different. And good! King has yet to disappoint me. By now, I’ve read all three novels and while #3 is my favorite (very King), I truly enjoyed this one as well. Turns out, King can write murder mysteries as he has a knack for twists and turns and springing the unexpected on you. Plus, there was a little love story in there, which was believable and sweet. And honestly, sweet is usually not a word I would use for any of King’s stories.

What I liked particularly about this book (and the whole series really) is how real the villain was. What he did, drive into that innocent crowd just to see how it feels killing unsuspecting people, reminded me of many of the recent killing sprees here in the US (and other places). Not all of them had a clear agenda (and that doesn’t excuse anything anyway). Being able to know the deepest thoughts of the murderer was chilling and exhilarating and taught me how messed up people really can be. I am always a big fan of some evil person, I love reading stories from their perspective, but the way King jumped between the minds of the various characters gave the story so much depth. Even good people can be messed up or lost (see the retired private detective), he is definitely no exemplar citizen either. Life is never just black and white. I found myself relating to any of the characters at one point or another. And even the ones who were really far removed from my walk of life connected with parts of me and made me understand their experiences, and that takes a good writer to accomplish. I don’t understand how people think King is not that!

Read this series to get to know a different, yet still fantastic, Stephen King. And book 3 definitely brings back the fantastic and paranormal, in case you missed that too much in the first two books. Also, if you ever have the chance to hear King speak, don’t hesitate to purchase tickets!

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