2017 – mucho reading and grande coffees

Happy New Year, everyone! 2016 was good to me when it comes to books and reading time. According to My Year in Books by Goodreads, I read 69 books with a total of 22606 pages. My longest book was Stephen King’s 11/22/63 (846 pages) and my least popular book (Young Widow by Clarissa Fairchild) was only read by 3 people including myself. And apparently, I am a harsher critic than I thought, since my average rating was only 3.9 stars (though I don’t know how accurate that truly is as there are no 1/2 stars on Goodreads). I love stats like that.

My reading chart shows I had a bit of a lull during the summer months 😉 but otherwise the reading slope is pretty steady. Hope everyone is as happy with their 2016 reading accomplishments as I am!


So what are my plans for 2017, you ask?

  • I am going to continue reading with my girls group. We decided to have themed months as it was difficult to fill all the POPSUGAR categories and still read all the books we wanted. The theme for January is ‘new beginnings’ and my thoughts so far are that I’ll be reading The Underground Railroad for this.
  • So, yes, I thought I’ll be doing all the readings and then some for the themed months. Until. I. Saw. This. Year’s. Popsugar. Categories. They are amazing. Thus, I am going to try to fulfill those as well (and I am feeling a little crazy and might attempt the advanced version).
  • My Goodreads reading goal is 52 books, one for each week of the year. If I beat all my aforementioned categories though, I’ll be far over that goal, so that’s like a built-in morality boost ;).
  • For the blog, I am dialing back a bit on the write-ups (as past experience aka 2016 taught me chapters for each book were a bit much). I am thinking I’ll have some monthly reviews and just general posts on my progress. Thoughts? Feedback on this is welcome! I want to keep writing but I don’t want to make it a burden, and honestly, last year, each chapter that I didn’t write made me feel guiltier and guiltier where I ended up just being paralyzed in a way and felt very uncreative.


I think this is it for now. Let’s be off to many new adventures this year. Happy reading, everyone!

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