Dewey’s 24 hr readathon is upon us


I am so excited for this weekend!

I will be participating again in Dewey’s readathon this Saturday. I am super stoked as I really cherish this event. This time, I thought I would give it a purpose other than bringing awareness to reading and hanging with some awesome virtual and in-person friends. I decided to support East Nashville Hope Exchange, a group that serves at-risk kids to develop or improve their reading skills. I am going to donate 5 cents for every page I read. Fingers crossed I am going to read a lot of pages (graphic novels should be really helpful here ;)).

My TBR pile is humungous. Being a Book of the Month member really isn’t helping. But the good thing is that I have tons of different genres to choose from. So, I can truly be a mood reader 🙂


Realistically, I will probably read The Sandman and Grave Surprise (both graphic novels), A Gathering of Shadows, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and maybe some of the Poe stories. I have started reading Kafka on the Shore already, and am hoping I’ll be done with this prior to Saturday. Graphic novels, children books, and short stories are my favorite palate cleansers. Once in a while, I also enjoy a non-fiction book, so Stiff and The Stranger in the Woods are my go to options for this readathon. Some of the other books are long-term residents of my bookshelf (and not all of them are actually pictured here) and I keep hoping that the mood will strike for them 🙂 …. maybe this readathon?!

I have not tackled the issue of snacks …. my thinking is to go a splurge on Friday and buy all the things. I will most likely go hungry as that will best represent my Saturday state :p. That seems like the correct idea, right?!

I am also doing another new and fun thing this year: I am co-hosting one of the reading hours on the Goodreads group. Hour 19 will hopefully be extra special now. Of course, I will be journaling my experience on here, probably post some pictures on Instagram, and be really active on the Facebook group.

So, here is to an excellent Saturday!

4 thoughts on “Dewey’s 24 hr readathon is upon us”

  1. Love the huge tbr. I will be adding a few books to mine because although I pick these books now, by the time it comes to the readathon I will end up changing my mind haha. I’m so excited for the readathon, I still have snacks to figure out as well and I will be making sure I’m well rested but I’m quite lucky as the readathon for me starts at 1pm. I hope you have an awesome time and I hope your hour hosting goes awesome 🙂

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