About to turn the last corner



Well, well, well …. my bookish Goodreads hour has just ended, so I figured I give a quick update. I have to say that was really fun and I think I will definitely do that again. I got several amazing book recommendations and I was surprised how many people actually participated. I figured most people would be either too tired to be social or really deep into a book at this time. So, guys, good job – this was great!

20170430_021104In my last post, I was trying to decide what I should read next and I ended up choosing A Gathering of Shadows. The lovely Heather over on Instagram at @hturningpages and I decided to buddy-read that book and that has actually been extremely motivating and enjoyable.  I also somehow picked up a second 20170430_021118wind and think I will finish this novel soon. I am thinking after that I am going to take a shower and put fresh PJs on and continue this readathon in bed surrounded by my pups. They’re currently all 20170430_021209asleep in the living room but I bet they’d love to snuggle up with me. The cat is being her usual grump and has taken to be very active at this hour just to mess with me a little 😉 AKA there won’t be a picture of her at this moment.

I hope everything is still hanging in there! We are on the last stretch!

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