Goodreads turns 10!

Well hello there! I guess it’s time for a quick reminder (albeit late) that today is a special day – Goodreads turns 10. In honor of this anniversary, the excellent people at Goodreads encourage everyone to be a book fairy today. They partnered with The Book Fairies for this fun endeavor and declared today to be a #hideabookday.

I did my part. I am currently visiting home (Germany!) and left one book on a train from Berlin to Munich and another at the entrance of a local high school in my hometown. The two books I chose are near and dear to my heart. 21743391_10155827730906388_3993408119708996877_nA Monster Calls utterly wrecked me. I read it in one sitting and basically wept the entire time. It has everything that makes a great story – and if you know me you know I love a good telling about death and how to deal with it. 21463399_10155827730806388_8289167421363250723_nNeverwhere was my second Neil Gaiman read and to date is still my favorite book of his. It’s dark,  sarcastic, imaginative, magical, and sexy.  It has a badass (at times villainous) female warrior and creepy monstrous henchmen. It speaks of friendship, bravery, and loyalty, and it draws you into a world so different from our own.

Sadly, I only could hide two books because I actually had to fly with them, and you know weight restrictions and a girl needing all her clothes doesn’t bode well for taking a bunch of books. I, however, was able to recruit my sister to the cause and she also left books behind in Germany. I love how different our book choices are!

IMG-20171002-WA0005 (1) IMG-20171002-WA0007 IMG-20171002-WA0008


Did you participate today? What books did you choose? And why?

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