It’s time for another Dewey’s readathon!


Woohoo!!!! It is readathon month! Dewey’s has been doing an amazing countdown, which I, unfortunately, couldn’t participate in as I spent most of September abroad in Germany. Nevertheless, I am stoked because 1) I love 24-hour readathons and 2) it is Dewey’s 10 year anniversary! And of course, I will be supporting one of my favorite charities again: The East Nashville Hope Exchange. I have to say I was overwhelmed with the monetary (and cookie/snacks, text messages, phone calls, and hanging out with me in coffee shops) support I received during the last readathon in April. It went way beyond my expectations. And I am certain the volunteers at the Hope Exchange appreciated it as well. So, with that said, let’s blow their minds this time! I pledge to donate 10 cents for every page I read. Please feel free to pledge any amount you choose if you feel so inclined 🙂 – let’s use #ichleseblog and #deweysreadathon with our donations (donation button is on the main site towards the bottom right). Alternatively, you could look through their specific wishlist and choose an item or two from there to donate.

My game plan for this readathon is fairly similar to the ones in the past: lots of genres, lots of snacks, my puppies, a coffee shop visit, chit-chats with friends when I get tired, and of course fun bookmarks. I’ve gathered a few new ones since the last readathon and will surely feature them in picture form as they are being used during October 21st. You’ll be able to follow me in the Facebook group, on Twitter (@evilbibliotaph), in the Goodreads group – where I’ll be hosting reading hour #8, and of course on here!

I have NOT narrowed down my TBR for this event, although I have some ideas and I am leaning toward making it spooky themed as I am already participating in the RIP XII readathon and haven’t made as much progress there as I wanted. Here, I thought vacations are for reading and was (yet again) proven wrong. I definitely have enough exciting books to fill 24 hours ranging from classic gothic lit to graphic novels to fantasy adventures to Stephen King-esque horror. Though I started reading the Outlander series and given that the first book alone is 800 pages or so, they would also be good readathon candidates. Ugh, and then there are some of the sci-fi books I’ve been meaning to read and of course my NetGalley ARCs – well jeez, the choices are tough and plentiful! I will make a blog post later with the actual list (once I commit to it! – maybe you can help me 😉 ).

Anyhow, let’s savor this month and get ready for another Dewey’s 24-hour readathon!

8 thoughts on “It’s time for another Dewey’s readathon!”

  1. Hi, Juli. Apologies for the only sort-of-slightly-reply. So, it’s not through NetGalley, but I happen to have a novella that I would be glad to provide a free e-copy of for the possibility of a review. It features a vampire who is a person of color, and you can sample the first couple of chapters at

    I can provide a mobi for your Kindle or Kindle app — as well an epub if that should be more compatible with your e-reader. If you’re not much for e-reading as of yet, or don’t have much interest, thank you for your time anyway.


      1. I thought you had just lost interest. I’ll certainly provide a mobi or epub if you still want it. Just email me or give me yours.


  2. […] I am eagerly awaiting this Saturday. I’ve made some bullet journal spreads to track my reading progress (one example is to the left). I set up buddy reading opportunities with people-friends (the virtual kind). I created my snack list (well that one is ever growing). I just requested a few more graphic novels from my library to have as in-between-fat-novel reads. And I told everyone about this readathon and my fundraising efforts. […]


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