Hour 1 – it begins!


Good morning literature lovers!

20171021_065429It’s the first hour of Dewey’s readathon and I am super excited, albeit very tired. It’s early here but who can beat one of these beautiful USA sun rises! I’ve already let out the dogs and am currently snuggled on the couch with my first book – Momo by Michael Ende. I adore this story. I have the fondest memories reading it as a younger me and decided that this would be the perfect start to this 10-year-anniversary Dewey day! Nostalgia galore! Am I right????

20171020_214656So what else is in store for me today? I have to say I put a lot of thought and effort in my reading stack this time. I had to have the biggest self-control not to start the new King Sr and Jr collaboration early  – that cover of Sleeping Beauties is a dream, y’all (pun intended)! I also branched out quite a bit on graphic novels. I am particularly looking forward to El Deafo and The Color of Earth. I have a few more on my Kindle as well. Additionally, I picked two short stories: The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly (on Kindle) and Gwendy’s Button Box (another Stephen King). I am stoked to read those. I’ll be tracking my reading progress in my BuJo this time (a new obsession of mine of course).

I think I better get off the couch. My friends will be here any moment. We are actually venturing to a fiber festival where I will be reading and admiring yarn! Wish me luck that I still get lots of reading done!

Happy readathon, lovelies!

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