Booking it into 2018

To my fellow bibliophiles,

I dare not believe it is already 2018. I am now of that ripe age where time flies, kinks in my neck are the new normal, and reading becomes difficult with just the slightest dimming of light. Just joking, I am still a young spring chicken 😉

I have to say I am quite pleased with my accomplishments in 2017, at least when it comes to the book department. 105 books aren’t too shabby. I hope you’ve been reading my monthly updates where I summarize my thoughts on the books I read. And I hope if you haven’t, you vow to do so henceforth. Because I am clearly an accomplished blogger – I mean I know all my letters and sometimes I even put them together coherently.

For 2018, I set my reading goal to 75 for no other reason than that I belong to a Goodreads group called 75 books. And despite the name, you don’t even have to read 75 books ;). I also believe that 75 is a reachable number even if life comes in the way of reading. So, we shall see.

I think I am going to keep the current format of monthly updates and the odd extra one in between. My real change for this year lies within how I will procure 75 books. No, I am not going to steal them, although on occasion I have considered it when I saw someone read a coveted book from my TBR in public. So instead of jumping to the dark side, I am going to shop my own shelf (not that there is much light in between my stacks of books anyway)!

I am also still debating how committed I am to this year’s Popsugar Challenge as it always leads me astray, and with that I mean to the bookstore or the library and not to my own shelf. But then again, it does have some very delicious categories this year. Decisions, decisions! I wonder if it can be done to finish the challenge with only books from my shelf? And the ones I will get from my BOM box – yeah, you thought I was gonna cut myself off entirely …. joke’s on you. Or me? New Year’s resolutions are for the weak (that’s what I keep telling myself aka that’s what feeds my addiction).

Well, either way, this should be a fantastic year for the printed word!

Cheers (quite literally as I may or may not be drinking champagne),

*ich lese*

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