Alert – this is not a book post :p

…. although it includes a book. Meet my new getting-my-life-together-person and with that I mean, Alice, my bullet journal.


Yes, I named it. Did you expect anything else?

One of the most helpful suggestions I ever received was from a late mentor who said I should write every day as this is the only way I can hone my skills. I’ve always had trouble with keeping on track. My dissertation was primarily written between the hours of 1am and 5am and thus I was mostly useless during the day. I wanted this to change (I realize that my middle-of-the-night-writings aren’t very conducive to co-writing papers) and scoured the interwebs for solutions and bullet journaling was suggested as a way to keep your life on schedule.

It immediately was attractive to me because 1) I love lists and 2) I like doodling. I’ve been using my BuJo (yes, I am hip with the lingo of the kids) for three or so months now and I gotta tell you it’s working. I am currently writing a scientific paper and although it’s slow going I get to check off to-do-lists and have little moments of success as I go along. Plus, I get to swear in it! Guys, that’s the most liberating thing in writing. My BuJo is also forcing me to write something (even just a few words sometimes) every day.

So how is this related to this blog? Other than me just trying to write more 😉

My BuJo also includes notes on my books and in fact has lead to an entire separate notebook being filled with stuff about books. Last year, I drew a bookshelf on a large piece of paper and would fill in the book titles I read. I immensely enjoyed this but kept thinking that I will probably lose this piece of paper over time (cause you know that’s how I roll). So, this year, I keep track of my readings (just a quick list) in my BuJo and further write out my thoughts on this blog and in the separate notebook. So at the very least, I’ll have a little record of my literary adventures in Alice, which I plan to keep (and I think is less likely to be lost) once I filled the journal.

Are you into bullet journaling or art journaling? How did you get started?

I’ve tried multiple ways of keeping track of things since I started and I have to say this month’s very simple daily lists are my favorite so far. And of course, I love the collections. Here is a picture of my book-related one. I might color it in when I feel like doodling. in the future.


Remember in my Dewey swoon post, how I talked about that books are my friends? I feel the same way about Alice. If I could rate her, she’d get 6 spades and would be added to my all-time favorites list.

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