Selecting the next book is hard

Hola book lovers,

I guess this is going to be a little ramble about how picking out your next book is hard. This is inspired by my recent discussion, with me, in my head, about the advantages and disadvantages of reading a series.

Goodreads’ book suggestions based on your shelves are usually quite decent and one of the reasons my TBR is steadily growing. However, lately, the suggestions I receive are all the first book in a series. Today I found myself exasperated and overwhelmed by this. “Why?”, you ask. The crux of the matter is that once you read the first book, you generally read the second etc. That second book however then takes the spot of some other book meaning I jump down the rabbit hole of one series in exchange for not reading other books. In and of itself, that’s not a bad thing, but basically, for every first book I add, I essentially add all sequels to my TBR as well. This is probably all caused by the fact that I like to read serial books in a row as not to forget what happened in the previous book.

The big advantage of a series is that you can follow a beloved character for much longer. You get to know more about them. You get to bond with them deeper. Characters become your companions and friends. BUT you also sort of miss out on other characters and their stories. I have so many damn good books on my to-read shelf at Goodreads that I don’t want to NOT read them soon. I honestly struggle with this quite a bit. Right now, I am leaning toward not starting any new series, however, there is a multitude of them that good friends and trusted reviewers have recommended. Plus, as I am writing this, I realize that I have THREE first books ready to be picked up from my local library. AHHHHH!

How do you guys handle this? Are you big fans of series? Do you prefer to read stand-alone novels? Is there an ideal way to do both?

Help! I need help!

2 thoughts on “Selecting the next book is hard”

    1. I only look at them once in a while. It just so happened I looked today and saw that they were all series. Most of my recommendations come from friends and fellow avid readers OR from searching online when trying to find a book to fulfill a certain category in one of my reading challenges.

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