Hop hop hop into horror


So, yes, um, I guess I will be doing another readathon. What am I thinking?

Michelle is hosting another Season of Reading readathon, Spring into Horror,  this month. And all you have to do is read at least one horror book. Pfffff, I can totally do that, right?!!!!! Looking at my TBR right now, I see a few novels that would fulfill this easily.

For example, I have Supernatural Tales on the docket. It’s a collection of Gothic short stories written by Violet Paige (published under the pseudonym of Vernon Lee) that I am also using to fulfill one of my Popsugar challenge categories. I bought the book a while ago and have really been itching to read it.

I’m also due for a re-reading of Bram Stoker’s Dracula.  I love that book and haven’t read it in a while! House of Leaves has been on my TBR for wayyyyyy toooooo long! I started this book early last year and then got completely distracted with other books! I need to get back to it. I have also decided that my next King book will be Salem’s Lot. I already requested it with my local library.

So, as you can see, I have OPTIONS!


Addendum #1: I am already listening to The Boy on the Bridge because it was available right away at my library and because horror is the freaking best!

Addendum #2: I finished Sour Candy by Kealan Patrick Burke. That was twisted!!!

Addendum #3: I finished Fury of the Orcas by Hunter Shea. Organized Orca attacks are creepy.

Addendum #4: I finished The Three-Body Problem. Technically, sci-fi and not horror but thinking about what the knowledge of aliens would do to our societies freaked me out!

Addendum #5: I started reading Interview with the Vampire yesterday and I just picked up Salem’s Lot from the library but I am saving it for Dewey’s readathon.

Addendum #6: I was able to get Salem’s Lot from the library in time for Dewey’s readathon. So, I am saving this one for Saturday, April 28th

Addendum #7: I did not finish either Interview with the Vampire or Salem’s Lot, although I made good progress in both, and am quite enjoying the reads.

Addendum #8: I finished The Doll’s House. This was a creepy and pretty disturbing graphic novel in The Sandman series. I loved it.


So, all together, I was able to read 4 books for this readathon. Woohoo! I love me some horror!

5 thoughts on “Hop hop hop into horror”

  1. I am doing the challenge as well and have read 2 – Taste of Wrath which is the 7th in a series and The Atrocities, which is a now novella coming out this week. I am working on a mystery now. I’ve read Salem’s Lot twice but then King is my favorite author. Have you read The Shining? It’s probably one of my top 3 favorite of his. Good luck with the challenge!


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