Dewey’s ever-changing TBR


Of course, I’ve already begun to compile my TBR. I will track this effort here 🙂 Gah, Dewey’s April readathon will be so much fun! I will have a few books that I’ve already begun to read that are my long-term reads, which may make an appearance during the readathon, but generally, I like to start new books on that day, specifically designated for Dewey’s.

NOVELS – for the long haul of the day!

Red Clocks, hardcover (own). This book has been hailed the next ‘Handmaid’s Tale’, so I HAVE to check this out. I’ve been reserving this one for the readathon as the whole idea of reading across the world for 24 hours makes me feel empowered. So this book is fitting in a way – though it is not about empowerment per se.

Six of Crows, Kindle (library). I always like to add a book to the TBR that promises to be fastpaced and engaging. I am expecting that this novel will completely suck me in and time will fly by.

One Hundred Years of Solitude, paperback (own). Hah! This book is on here for good measurement. It truly is my nemesis book and I swore to myself that I will read it front to back this year.

Salem’s Lot, Kindle (library). I love King. I love Horror. This should be an amazing read (if it comes in time for the readathon, I placed this book on hold ages ago).

The Astonishing Color of After, hardcover (own). This book promises to deal with grief and death in a beautiful way. And y’all know how much I adore books like that. 

Ronia, the Robber’s Daughter, hardcover (library). I am picking this book because I love re-reading childhood books. MY favorite Astrid Lindgren book is Kalle Blomquist but unfortunately, my local library doesn’t have that in stock.  I am putting this on the back burner. I haven’t had time to run to the library, so if at all, I would have to go pick it up during the readathon.

Anne of Green Gablespaperback (own). This is replacing Ronia, the Robber’s Daughter. I bought this book a while ago as it is one of those I missed out reading as a child. I am reserving this one in case Six of Crows or Salem’s Lot prove to be too much for the readathon.


GRAPHIC NOVELS/COMICS/SHORT STORIES – for that in-between entertainment!

Supernatural Tales, paperback (own). I love me some creepy tales and a book full of Gothic horror and supernatural short stories promises just that. PLUS! This is a female author writing under a male pseudonym.

The Doll’s House (The Sandman Series, Vol. 2), paperback (own). I love, love, love anything Neil Gaiman and this graphic novel series is stunning. I cannot wait to read this. 


POETRY – swoon and because poetry is a must!

Sorry I Wrote So Many Sad Poems Today, eBook (own). This is the most highly rated book on my Goodreads TBR (4.78/5 stars). I purchased it a long time ago and it is way past due that I read it.

Milk and Honey, paperback and Kindle (own). I received this collection of poems as a gift from a dear friend. I have been saving this for a special occasion. Dewey’s readathon is just that.

What are you planning on reading? Do you have any recommendations for me? What are your strategies during the readathon? Do you switch it up or do you make your way through a few longer books?

12 thoughts on “Dewey’s ever-changing TBR”

  1. I’m not participating in the Dewey’s because of family obligations but it looks like you have some awesome books here. Salem’s Lot is one of my favorite King books, right behind The Shining and Christine. Good Luck!


    1. I love The Shining and Carrie. I am really looking forward to Salem’s Lot and I really hope my hold will be up by the time the readathon comes around. I want to read it in the middle of the night and get scared 🙂


  2. Salem’s Lot is the perfect place to enter the world of King. I’m finishing Book VII of The Dark Tower Series, and for several or the last few books, the priest, Callahan, of SL is a major mover of the plot to save the tower. ENJOY!!!!!!


    1. I have only read the first book in that series but just recently bought the second one. I loved the first book. I’ve been wanting to read Salem’s Lot for so long, I’m glad I finally get around to it.

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