Official monetary solicitation blog post :p


Hey there lovelies,

As you all know by now, cause I am telling everyone all the time, I am participating again in Dewey’s readathon. While I super-love (yes, that is a verb!) the idea of reading for 24 hours for reading’s sake, I love making sure that others have the chance to read even more. Thus, I decided to make this a little charity challenge, yet again. East Nashville Hope Exchange is once more my organization of choice. Their mission of reading for life, you know, just coincides with my mission, that is to say, they’re exactly the same.

The way I handled this in the past is that I personally donated a set amount per page that I read at the end of the readathon, and I would so darn appreciate it if you would do the same. Thus, I pledge to donate 10 cents again for every page I read. Please feel free to pledge any amount you choose (either a set amount or a per page amount) if you feel so inclined 🙂 – let’s use #ichleseblog and #deweysreadathon (in the comments section) with our donations here. Please let me know if you make a pledge so that I could keep a tally, you know, for data reasons.

My plan is to be sort of social-media-active with select tweets @evilbibliotaph, some chit-chat in the Facebook and Goodreads groups, as well as a few updates on here. I am also hosting a discussion during reading hour 10 in the Goodreads group and am currently trying to figure out the topic. Suggestions are of course welcome. My TBR is posted on the blog and I am hoping to adhere to it – I did put quite some thought into it so far. And if you haven’t checked it out, I wrote up a quick how-to for the readathon a few days ago.

Again, I’d like to thank everyone in advance who will help me in my fundraising efforts!

Happy reading and much <3!

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