Countdown to Dewey’s readathon


Hi there book lovers and reading enthusiasts,

I hope everyone is getting their TBR lists and snacks together for this Saturday! I can’t believe Dewey’s is only a few days away – 5 more sleeps to be exact! I have to say I am quite surprised by myself this time – I think I have a really good grip on my reading list. I have two novels I am particularly looking forward to … Six of Crows, which I will probably start the readathon off with and Salem’s Lot, which I want to read at night to get so deliciously scared. Of course, I have other choices on my TBR and a few graphic novels, short stories, and poetry books. I definitely would like to read The Doll’s House (specifically bought this for the readathon) and Milk and Honey (a gift from a dear friend).

I also have been making a list of people who have pledged to support my reading cause this time around AND I even recruited a few of my friends’ kids to help out with my reading quota. Thus, I am going to count their read pages toward my goal and will donate my money accordingly. I figured I should get the next generation excited about readathons! If you would like to donate money toward East Nashville Hope Exchange, please let me know! 🙂

I have also written a Dewey’s warm-up post (my second in a row!), which will be featured on Dewey’s blog this week. I am so honored to have been chosen again to contribute to the pre-readathon frenzy and honestly, these warm-up posts really push me creatively and really seem to strengthen my inner writer’s voice. I can’t wait for y’all to read it. And talking about being involved with the readathon activities, I will also host hour 10 in the Goodreads group, which will be on their discussion board and I am currently compiling ideas what the topic could be we will be discussing during that time. In addition, I will also co-host hours 10 and 11 through the official readathon organizers – I am still waiting for my media assignment for that, so stay tuned. I decided to use these things as breaks during reading. Plus, it makes me feel like I am giving back to the community in a meaningful way. I want to make everyone feel as supported as I always feel.

And now onto the confession time …. What I haven’t done is even think about my sustenance options. I really need to schedule a grocery store run. While I am a total foodie fatty and live for food, books take priority and my mind is way too busy thinking about my TBR and in what order I should read the books that I am a bit too preoccupied for grocery store ideas. What are some must-have snacks and food items for you? Maybe y’all can inspire me aka make me jealous of your food so that I will make time to buy some for me. I realize this makes it sound like I’ll have an empty fridge and I assure you that won’t be the case. What I am referring to are not basic items I always buy, I am talking about those special treats reserved for readathons – that’s what I need to shop for.

Well, I rambled on long enough. But I am just so darn excited, I want to talk about nothing else than the readathon. 🙂

I can’t wait to chat with everyone during the readathon and read your updates.


Addendum: Here is my warm-up post for anyone interested.

3 thoughts on “Countdown to Dewey’s readathon”

  1. Okay after you finish Salem’s Lot, you should read King’s Dark Tower series. Some of the characters from Salem’s Lot make an appearance halfway through the series and I think I would have appreciated their presence more if I’d actually read Salem’s Lot first.

    Also, I’m so glad you’ve got a bunch of books to work through during the readathon! I am not nearly as organized as you – I’m still sort of hoping I’ll finish my current book in time to fully dedicate myself to all the other books I was planning on.


    1. I’ve read the first book in the Dark Tower series and just bought the second one the other day! I have this weird thing that when I buy them used I want them all to be from the same publisher etc, so getting this series together is slow going.


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