Top Ten Tuesday – books I disliked but am still glad I read


This TTT comes with a sort of footnote that I may be just glad I read these books for bragging rights. As usual, Jana over at That Artsy Reader Girl hosts these weekly challenges (so, see her blog for more info).

  1. The entire Twilight series Stephenie Meyer. I am only glad I read these books because they have led to some of the best drinking games I had with friends. We read the books and then, of course, had to watch the movies. And the movies really are the reason for the drinking shenanigans. It also led to this book (Nightlight) which, I received as a gift. 

  2. My Sister Rosa by Justine Larbalestier was on the TTT list last week for a swoon-worthy cover. It is on this list because I couldn’t say no to the cover and I always am glad to read about mental illness in fiction (even if it is not depicted accurately).161
  3. Honestly, there is so much wrong with this book (The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead) but I am glad I read it since it won the Pulitzer (how though, I have no clue).13
  4. The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins was pretty terrible in my opinion but I do enjoy an unreliable narrator and this was just such an It-book that I am glad I read it so I could have an opinion about it and voice it.184
  5. I definitely get drawn to books by their titles and covers and The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold is one of those books. I didn’t enjoy this novel but I would forever wonder and want to read it just because the title sounds like something I would so love.187
  6. The Time Machine by H.G. Wells is certainly one of those books I am glad I read for bragging rights. It was a solid 3 stars for me but I honestly don’t think it’s anything special.134
  7. I love, love, love James Bond movies and I’ve always wanted to read Ian Fleming. Well, I did and I was pretty disappointed in James Bond’s book character (very sexist!). Yet, I don’t regret reading Casino Royale. I now can say I did and I sort of have an idea what the movies are actually based on.100
  8. Faulkner is one of my besties’ favorites and thus I had to read it, and you know it’s Faulkner, so I really should. As I Lay Dying was difficult to read as I was pretty much angry the entire time but now I can talk about the book with my bff.185
  9. I am trying to read more graphic novels and to read more books by authors of a different ethnicity than me. I am often really drawn to Asian writers as I love their way of thinking. The Color Trilogy by Kim Dong Hwa is beautifully illustrated and some of the metaphors are wonderful. However, it really bothers me how women and their roles in society are portrayed at times. It makes me “almost” regret that I picked up this series. 

  10. Yes, I listened to Fifty Shades of Grey (just the first book in the series) by E.L. James. I didn’t like it and this is no surprise but I quite enjoyed knowing that I am listening to this sort of sexy book at work while working on the microscope and people had no idea. So, not sure if that one really counts for this TTT challenge but whatevs.186


This challenge wasn’t all that easy for me as I generally either really dislike a book (and that seriously happens so rarely) and sort of feel I wasted my time or I liked it enough to not regret reading it. I do think even books I dislike can teach me something though.

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