Sci-fi summer is the kind of summer I want


Hey bookies,

I spent the first two weeks of June reading some delicious sci-fi inspired by the lovely Michelle over at Seasons of Reading. She hosts a yearly summer readathon centered on science fiction (and she allows fantasy if you’re so inclined). I love me a readathon in general, and I hadn’t come across one that would help me read more science fiction. The readathon ran June1 through June 14 and I was able to read 844 pages (one novel, one short story) and listen to one audiobook (confession: I had finished 50% before June but then my library copy expired and I had to wait a while). All in all, I am pretty happy with my accomplishments for this readathon. I did read a bunch of other books that didn’t qualify as several library copies didn’t come through before the readathon officially ended. Here are my thoughts on what I read:




The Song of the Orphans is the second book in a trilogy about time manipulation and parallel worlds. I received this book as an ARC but never got to it before it came out, particularly because I wanted to read book 1 first before reviewing book 2. The first book had me intrigued but I found some fault with character development and some of the plot feeling too YA. The second book, however, was fabulous! Daniel Price really stepped up the depth of his characters and some of the YA romances actually started making sense – i.e. there was a reason why people were weirdly attracted to each other. If you enjoy sci0fi with some fantasy portions, this series is for you.

The Strange Library is 100% what you would expect from Haruki Murakami. It’s weird and truly strange. There is magic. There is realism. There are books! What more could you want?

The Boy on the Bridge is a sort-of-prequel to The Girl with All the Gifts. Honestly, I didn’t get why this book was necessary. The Girl with All the Gifts was so good and I really had no need to know what happened before. In fact, if I hadn’t known The Boy on the Bridge was related to that story, I probably would’ve liked it more.


How did you fare? Tell me about what you read!

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