High Summer Readathon


Michelle at Seasons of Readings is hosting another readathon – the High Summer Readathon. From what I gather, this is an anything-goes readathon to help us make a dent into our TBRs. I can always use that! Follow me on twitter @evilbibliotaph to get current updates on my #HSreadathon progress.

I just started thinking about my reading list for July and I decided I would like to use that month to catch up on my ARCs as well as make some progress with books I own. I am going on vacation at the beginning of the month and that would be a good time to read some books from my Kindle rather than lugging around paper copies. Specifically, I have 5 ARCS I’d like to review. They range from children’s picture books to middle grade/YA horror, so that should be fun. In addition, I have a few books from my Book of the Month membership that I have been wanting to read forever. I will also carry over any book I didn’t finish in June as I need a clean plate for my August N.E.W.Ts! There is an optional Christmas-in-July edition for the last four days of the readathon and I am going to see what I can find for those – and that will determine if I officially participate in that portion.


Fo’ shizzle July novels for this readathon

Crooked Kingdom is the sequel to Six of Crows, which I devoured during Dewey’s readathon. I have the hard copy and the Kindle version. I’ve read the 50 first pages so far, but have been super busy ever since I started and it doesn’t seem like I am going to make much progress with this book. I essentially just decided to pause the book until July and then read it all in one sitting during my vacation.

I haven’t even started The Astonishing Color of After and Rainbirds, which were both on my June TBR but are now officially moved to July. Although I own hard copies of them, I am going to see that I can get Kindle versions from the library to take along on vacation.

I also need to pick a book for my book club. Our challenge prompt is to read a book we were supposed to read in high school but didn’t. Since, I was such a goodie-two-shoes and read all the assigned books, I will read a book that is read in American high schools for this.


ARCs for the readathon

The Transfigured HartGhouliaAwesome!, Sloth at the Zoom, Trapped in Room 217


June books (sort of) likely to make it into July

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? is the most likely to be finished by the end of June actually.  I loved the movies centering around Blade Runner and so I thought I’d love this story but I don’t seem to be getting into it but I am going to persevere and read this novel – it is after all on the 1001 book list!

Uncommon Type has been a slow read for me. I own the hard copy book and read a story here and there. This one will probably be on my list to read for the later part of July.


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