Dewey’s reverse readathon – SUMMER edition!


Guys, can you believe it? We will have a summer edition of Dewey’s readathon?! Gah, that is so exciting to me! I need it I think. I have a few more books I’d like to finish this month, and what better way than to read for 24 hours during the last weekend of July. You’ll also find me tweeting again, either as @evilbibliotaph or under the official Dewey’s handle. I also plan on writing an official warm-up post. So stay tuned!

I am thinking I will read Crooked Kingdom – book two in the Six of Crows series – plus I read book one during the April readathon, so it’s kinda like kismet! I also have Rainbird and a few children’s ARCs on the docket. I’ll have plenty to keep me occupied. Since it is summer and since this is a trial readathon, I am going to take it easy. I am busy that weekend already, so I am not going to put pressure on me. I also think it would be fun to be more active on social media this time.

On the subject of snacks, I am thinking watermelon and loads of ice cream. Also coffee. Coffee is everything.

Regarding, reading nooks, I will probably read outdoors, unless the humidity is going to be 1000% again, at a coffee shop, and in my favorite reading chair in my home office. Of course, the pets will give me company, particularly during the wee hours.

Will you be participating? What are you planning on reading? Will you have a reading theme? Where will you be reading? What will be your snacks?

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