RIP 13 and Something Wicked This Fall Comes


Ok, seriously! Is it fall weather, yet? I am so over the heat and humidity at the moment. I want crips air, pretty leaves, and yes, pumpkin spice everything! I want to sit outside in the morning with a freshly brewed coffee, listening to the birds, and a book in my lap without sweating and melting away. Is that too much to ask, Mother Nature????

To pretend my weather wishes are true, I am going to participate in two fall-themed readathons. And what better fall-theme than horror!!!! Castle Macabre is combining multiple of her annual September and October events into one all-encompassing reading bonanza: Something Wicked This Fall Comes. Honestly, there are so many different mini-readathons within this readathon that I had to make myself a list to not lose track. Y’all know though that I love lists so I happily did that. The readathon runs from August 31st to November 1st. September has a Gothic theme while October truly calls for Horror. She also features several movie watch-alongs during the two months and a Ray Bradbury read-along during October. I am so looking forward to this goodness. Check out her blog for detailed descriptions of every event.

Readers Imbibing Peril is on its 13th leg and what a perfect number for everything horror, wicked, suspenseful, dark, and paranormal. This readathon also has several tiers of readathon effort and I am going to attempt to accomplish as many as possible. Shouldn’t be too hard given that I love me some spooky writings. And again, anything goes for this readathon as long as it falls under the above-mentioned categories. I am looking forward to some short stories and movies along with longer novels.

And just a heads-up, Dewey’s October readathon is also coming up and falls right within RIP and Something Wicked!

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