Am I scared yet or what?


I figured it’s time for a quick update on the readathons I am doing: Something Wicked This Fall Comes and Readers Imbibing Peril. This is going to be a quick write up since I sadly have to report that I didn’t get much reading done so far. I sold my house, moved to a different state last week, and started a new job this Monday. I thought reading would give me comfort during that time of change but I found myself too tired or too distracted most days. I hope I can pick it up in the following weeks. I still have several books in the queue I am really looking forward to finishing (or starting).


The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. I’ve been quite enjoying this one although it is a bit of a slow read.

The Stand by Stephen King. I literally only read like the first ten pages and I think my library copy is about to expire. This is one I might have to put on the back burner or just purchase. The library wait list is forever long.

Supernatural Tales by Vernon Lee (aka Violet Page). I really want to start these short stories and they would really start setting the mood for Halloween.

Let the Right One in by John Ajvide Lindqvist. Vampire Fantasy! I really want to get this one started.

I also have a few ARCs due by early October. Maybe I’ll start with those as they should be quicker reads.


How are your reading goals coming along? Are you participating in any fall readathons?

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