24 hours of absolute reading fun


Bookish peeps, it finally is that time again: Dewey’s readathon! I am so looking forward to this weekend – Saturday (Oct 20th) will be spent reading, eating, blogging, and being utterly happy. September and October have been a pretty bad struggle bus for me. I have read very little, I am late on any of my blogs, and I have been overall pretty detached from my books and book clubs. All this will change this weekend. I am going to use the readathon to find my way back to my lovelies. With it being fall and nearly Halloween, and with me (technically) participating in a few other spooky themed readathons, I will focus on reading only the creepy, the weird, the odd, and the dubious.

Here are a few ideas:

Just writing out this list of potentials gets me even more pumped for Saturday. Now, I just need to think of my snacks. I already picked out my reading nook in the new house and hope I will have lots of virtual reading dates with each and every one of you.


P.S.: Maybe I will manage to take some pictures of my TBR for the blog. I am still waiting on a few library copies to come through.

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