Fall into September


Ok. This may have been THE saddest reading season, yet. Moving and getting my new house ready has completely taken over my life! I am way late to post my September wrap-up. I am barely reading even though Halloween is right around the corner and fall has finally begun even in my neck of the woods. September and October are usually my most favorite excuses to read anything horror, creepy, supernatural, or plain weird. I am super banking on catching up during Dewey’s readathon, which is this upcoming Saturday. But see my separate blog post for that. All in all, September was slim pickin’s. I finished only ONE book. How is that even possible????? This is probably a good time to also confess that I most likely won’t fulfill my yearly challenge of reading 25 books I own and 10 books from the 1001 book list. I am however well on track to achieve my overall goal of 100 books and I am past my goal of reviewing 15 ARCs. So there is at least that. I am going to have to scramble to get the Popsugar challenge done, but I think it’s for sure attainable. Thus, without further ado, here is the review for the one book I completed.





Circe (Madeline Miller) ♠♠♠♠

I honestly truly enjoyed this book. Madeline Miller has a knack of pulling you into Greek mythology but making it fresh and new. I loved the heroine in this novel. Circe is stubborn, strong, independent, odd, loving, curious, proud, arrogant at times, frightened at others, and very, very relatable. The descriptions of the lands and the sea journeys were delectable – I was definitely in that setting. The various characters are well-developed and even though Miller borrows from old Greek tales quite a bit, she puts her own spin on it, making each person feel modern without losing the epicness (is that a word?) of the story.

I recommend this book for you if you: are curious about the Greeks, love a strong female lead, have a hankering for lush descriptions

This book is not for you if you: do not enjoy historical fiction

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