US releases: October books to keep on your radar


Hi bookies,

Keep your eyes peeled for these goodies! As always, I’ve linked the titles to my Goodreads reviews or to the actual book page.

Books I reviewed before release:

The Reckless Club by Beth Vrabel; October 2 Middle Grade, Contemporary Lit

A group of middle school misfits spending their detention at an assisted living facility learns that although we are all different we are also all the same. This book reminded me a little (or a lot) of The Breakfast Club.

Beyond the Green by Sharlee Mullins Glenn; October 2 Middle Grade, Historical Fiction

Stunning book. Amazing story. A story about learning what family means, even if it is an unusual composition.

Dr. Jo by Monica Kulling and Julianna Swaney; October 9 Children, Historical Fiction

A beautifully illustrated book introducing young readers to Dr. Josephiine Baker and her accomplishments.

Salt by Hannah Moskowitz; October 30 YA, Fantasy

An orphaned group of siblings fighting monsters at sea. So Odyssey!


Books I am anticipating to read:

Elevation by Stephen King; October 30  Short Stories, Horror

Stephen King being the prolific Stephen King he is. I am really looking forward to this short story. I already preordered my book in June!

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