Top Ten Tuesday – books I hope I find under my Christmas tree this morning


It’s TTT time! As usual, if you’re curious about this, Jana over at That Artsy Reader Girl hosts these weekly challenges (so, see her blog for more info). Today’s prompt is a wishlist prompt. I tend to buy any book I want to own right away but there are a few that I’ve read as library copies that in hindsight I’d like to add to my own library collection and a few I haven’t come around to buying, particularly if they are part of a series. Bonus if I can find them used (think: antique or old, first editions) or as a special (anniversary) edition.

  1. Six of Crow, hardcover
  2. It, first edition
  3. Season of Mists
  4. The Girl in the Tower, hardcover
  5. Alice in Wonderland, first edition
  6. Dracula, first edition
  7. Coraline, no preference on format, just would like to own this book
  8. Perfume, first or collectors edition – of course in German
  9. The remaining issues of The Sandman Series
  10. The remaining books of The Dark Tower series – I have started buying a specific print from the 80s at used bookstores and I want all the books to be from that one

Did you find any books under the tree?

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