Splattertine’s Day – a gooey conclusion




I had a really great time with this readathon. I quite enjoyed focusing on gore and horror instead of romance in the first half of February. Though if you know me, that’s usually my general MO throughout the entire year. I read a lot of books in January (see my wrap-up here), so I didn’t devour books at the same rate this time but I was able to finish 3 that I consider suitable for this challenge (and a few others that didn’t fit the bill).





Each one of these had been on my TBR for a very long time and I was really looking forward to tackling them. Both, The Exorcist and Rebecca, blew me away. Brilliant writing. Brilliant plot development. Brilliant message. I felt a little disappointed after finishing Let the Right One In. I can’t exactly describe why but I just know something was missing, and that something was something crucial. I’ll be elaborating my reviews for these novels in my monthlies, which is my monthly wrap-up post where I review each book I read. I hope the Splattertine’s Day readathon gains traction and I will be doing it again next year with a bunch more bookish peeps! Thank you mall3tg1rl for hosting this!

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