Top Ten Tuesday – reasons why I recommend a book


It’s TTT time! As usual, if you’re curious about this, Jana over at That Artsy Reader Girl hosts these weekly challenges (so, see her blog for more info). This week’s prompt is about inspiring book quotes. I am too far away from my journal as I start this TTT to look up the quotes I’ve been jotting down over the years. And since I am too lazy to get up, I won’t be talking about quotes but will give you my top ten reasons to recommend a book. Of course, the prerequisite is that I found the story engaging and logical/believable to begin with.

  1. It’s a horror classic! This is my favorite genre and I strongly believe everyone should read the classics within. I don’t care if you tell me you don’t like to be scared. I don’t care if you are easily spooked. I don’t care if you faint even at the mention of blood. YOU MUST READ HORROR NOVELS :p
  2. It deals with grief. I think it is paramount that we as a society are more open to talking about the dying process and how to cope with potentially overwhelming emotions of loss. I will always recommend a book that tackles that topic in a sensitive and creative way.
  3. It made me laugh out loud. We all tend to use lol in our daily texts etc but do we actually laugh out loud? Well, I rarely do. So a book that made me audibly giggle will be recommended to others.
  4. It has beautiful illustrations. Graphic novels and similar books can be such feasts for your eyes. These are also great entry-level points for non-avid or reluctant readers.
  5. It made me sob. I love me a good cry and it rarely happens watching movies or reading books. Sometimes, I just know I need a decent tearful session and I will seek out books that promise that. Those ones will then be remembered and recommended when I determine someone else could use a good cry as well.
  6. There was a big plot twist. Being surprised by an ending or twist in the story is one of my favorite feelings. I cherish that mind-blown moment and would love to encounter it more often in the books I pick out.
  7. It deals with some topic that is bigger than yourself. Sometimes, we just have to work our way through things that make us feel uncomfortable or challenge our beliefs. Books that question the status quo and call for change, especially societal change, are super important in my opinion and I will recommend them to anyone who I deem in dire need of a reality check.
  8. It emphasizes language over plot. We all know these are my favorite kinds of books. I am a sucker for unusual or plainly beautiful prose. If I encounter a rare gem like that I will shout it from the mountain tops and pester anyone to read it.
  9. It was so much more than the synopsis alluded to. We all have encountered books that in hindsight make use think that the little blurb about it really missed the mark. I really like to be positively surprised so I often suggest a book saying “this one is nothing like what you expect it to be”.
  10. You ask for a recommendation. I will try my best to match a book to your preferences. I don’t mind suggesting some that didn’t work for me either. I know we all have different tastes.

    I am looking forward to perusing your TTT this week. I am curious to see what quotes you chose or if you, like me, went with a different topic.

14 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – reasons why I recommend a book”

  1. These are good reasons to recommend books. I also love horror stories when are well written and those that manage to make me emotional. Great twist!


  2. Love what you’ve done with the list this week! 🙂 Good reasons why you recommend a book. The lol comment is spot on!


  3. I love plot twists, too! I’m usually pretty good at seeing them coming in advance, so it’s exciting when an author surprises me. How good are you at predicting how a story will go?

    My TTT.

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    1. I have been getting fairly decent at it I think. For example, I just read The Wife Between Us and predicted everything but the last plot twist (which was revealed in the epilogue – and was completely unnecessary imo).

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