Wrapping up Spring into Horror and Dewey’s Readathon


I am going to keep this post short and mainly filled with some stats and pretty book pictures. Spring into Horror and Dewey’s readathons are pretty much my favorite reading community events of the year. I try to be as involved as possible; not just reading but also blogging, tweeting, and chatting in discussion groups. My TBR generally grows three sizes each time but I AM HERE for the book recommendations.


DEWEY’S READATHON took place on April 6th and I was again a Dewey’s blog and Twitter host. I loved hearing from all the participants throughout my two hours. I also posted discussion questions into the Dewey’s Goodreads group. I was able to finish two books, one poetry collection, and read or listened to a few pages here and there from other books. I, of course, kept track of my hourly page count and you can check that out in the graph below. As you can see I did have a few interruptions in the form of napping breaks! I don’t mind napping but I am a little sad I missed the very last hour. I truly fell asleep with my book open and didn’t wake up for a few hours after the readathon had ended. I also completely missed adding my page counts to the overall Dewey database this time.

chartchart (1)


Total pages read (including parts of 1 audiobook): 929

Books completed: 3

Books perused: 3


You can read my thoughts on these books in my monthly review post here.

SPRING INTO HORROR was a month-long readathon and I definitely mood-read a lot of horror novels for this! This is also one reason why I ended up not completing my April goals (see here) as I picked up books with real dark themes instead of finishing Watchmen or  Jane Eyre, though Watchmen is quite sinister at times. I also read Wuthering Heights and was toying with the idea of counting it toward this readathon but I couldn’t get myself to do it.


Total pages read (including audiobooks): 2748

Books completed: 7

Books listened to: 2

Again, you can read my reviews of these books in my monthly update post here.

Did you participate in any of these or any other readathons this month? Gimme the deets in the comments below!

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