Sci-Fi Summer



June is around the corner and that means Sci-Fi Summer!!!! This is the fourth year Michelle hosts this two-week long event. It runs June 1st 12 am CDT through June 14 11:59 PM CDT the entire month of June. I have participated a few times (twice?) in the past. Science fiction is hit or miss for me, so I love being challenged by this readathon.

I quickly browsed my TBR and these are the books that could fit this category AND that I am currently excited about:



The Planet of the Apes is on my 2019 must-read TBR, so I am making this one a priority for this readathon. I love all the movies in that franchise and I am curious to see how the book holds up (I bet it will be better!).

I love, love, love Kindred and I keep meaning to read another Butler book. Parable of the Sower gets recommended time and time again, so I should really check that series out.

The Dark Forest and Death’s End are book #2 and #3 in the Remembrance of Earth’s Past trilogy. I really enjoyed The Three-Body Problem and should continue this series/

The Windup Girl was recommended by a friend whose book taste is often quite different from mine, but when it comes to sci-fi and fantasy we are somehow on the same wavelength.

It is time for me to read another Atwood book. Oryx and Crake is currently sitting pretty next to my desk. Another friend lent her copy to me, so I should get on this!

You can follow my journey on Twitter or here. The official hashtag is #SciFiJune.

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