June goals


Hey bookish fam,

June goals will be minimal. I mean it is basically mid-June and I am just now posting them. I did ALMOST completed all my May goals (see my monthly wrap-up) but a few books had to be, yet again, moved to my this month’s list. I have been so busy trying to get my dog through his surgery and surgery-related complications that I honestly feel I have a newborn right now. I have had zero time to read or even listen to an audiobook so far, so I am not expecting much from June. This is a particular bummer as June is Sci-Fi reading month (yes, Sci-Fi summer is now a month-long readathon!!!!) and I love that event.

Spill-over from past months

I am still almost done with  Watchmen. I honestly don’t know why it is taking me so long. I believe it might be because the illustrations are so rich, I actually spend a lot of time on each page. That tires me out and so I end up just reading one chapter here and there. I did get about halfway through  Jane Eyre in May and am sad I haven’t had the time to read on as I am really loving this book.

 June list

I would love to read some books for Sci-Fi Summer, so I am putting Parable of the Sower and Oryx and Crake on this list. I love, love, love Kindred from Octavia Butler and Oryx and Crake comes highly recommended by a dear friend. Wilder Girls and No Matter are both ARCs that will be released in July. I’d like to get to them much before their release date.

Overall, this is a super modest goal and I am keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll get my reading mojo back to fulfill it. What are you pledging to tackle this month? Leave me a comment. Let’s work on those commitments together. 🙂

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