Dewey’s Readathon is upon us, … yet again!


Hi book lovers of the best kind,

I am, again, participating in Dewey’s readathon this very weekend aka tomorrow, October 26th. We all know, I super duper love this readathon, but this particular one is stressing me out a bit since I AM SO NOT PREPARED. I just returned yesterday from a weeklong conference and barely managed to write my two blog posts for the official Dewey blog today. I haven’t even begun to think about my TBR for tomorrow. Finding a book to read shouldn’t be all that difficult though as I am woefully behind on my reading schedule and thus have MANY, MANY options.

In line with it being October and my year-round obsession with horror, I will most likely be reading books fitting that description. I currently have The Institute, House of Leaves, Sandman Vol. 3, American Gods Vol. 1, and The Girl in Red sitting on my nightstand. I also have an ARC of The Rise of the Magicks to review as well as a few Goosebumps books I could peruse. I don’t even know what is on my Kindle! This will be a very mood-driven readathon.

What I have this time though is an organized snack list. Priorities, am I right? There will be pizza, coffee, chips (white cheddar Cheetos ftw!), some chocolate, a variety of soups I can heat up (yay, for meal prepping), and of course La Croix!

I will be updating my blog during the readathon and tweet a bit @evilbibliotaph. I will also co-host the Dewey blog and the Dewey Twitter account for hours 11 and 12! Come visit me there as well.

Happy reading!

ich lese

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