My very scary readathon tally …


As you guys know, I love scary things AND readathons making the fall one of my favorite reading seasons. I participated in four readathons; 3 of them over many, many weeks: RIP XIV, Something Wicked Fall, and Fright Fall (here); and one over 24 hours: Dewey’s readathon. For all of them, I had the original goal to only read from the horror genre, but it didn’t quite work out like that. But, hey, what else is new? 😉



Overall, I did ok during the readathons. I didn’t keep track of the movies I watched but I watched a lot of scary movies during September and October :). For RIP XIV, I reached Peril the First, Peril of the Short Story, and Peril on the Screen. For the September portion of Something Wicked Fall, I vaguely read Gothic horror; none of the books I have on this list are classified as such but I think they sort of fit the bill. Fright Fall required to read at least one horror novel and I did that and another one for the October portion of Something Wicked Fall. During Dewey’s readathon, I deviated from horror and read a fantasy romance trilogy instead. In addition to this, I was able to finish a dark horror retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. For reviews of all of these books, see my monthly wrap-up post. I usually also post an hour by hour analysis of Dewey’s readings but feel too lazy this time. I did note those stats in my bujo, so maybe I’ll take a quick picture of it and add it to this post later. As you can see, I double and triple dipped in my tally 😛 but I think that’s fair game.

RIP 14

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