Dewey’s readathon stats and whatnot


books finished: 2

books perused: 2

total pages read: 1012

hours read: 22hr on and off, includes breaks and social media time

hours slept: 2

Hi lovelies,

I am finally catching up on some of my blogging. I’ve been a bit sluggish ever since the readathon weekend. I read most of that Saturday (hello, two hours of sleep!) and spent all Sunday reading as well. Since then, I took a little break and mostly listened to audiobooks and read a few ARCs. I hope everyone had a great readathon just like myself and you were able to make time in your schedule that day for books.

As I already indicated, I was able to actually read for 22 hours. Well, three of those were dedicated to audiobooks as I was running the Dewey Twitter account and the Dewey Goodreds group discussion for those hours. Of course, I took a few breaks here and there to stretch my legs or make myself yet another bowl of gelato, but overall it turned out to be a fairly disciplined reading day. A new fun thing I tried was virtually reading with friends over Zoom. It was like a silent book club where we could just enjoy each other’s company. I hung out with two people that way and one of them even read the same book during that time (she matched her choice to mine and we both loved the book!). In general, I had made no TBR and was juts set on picking books as the mood strikes, and apparently that worked superbly for me. I am quite happy with my overall page number of 1012, partly because breaking the 1000s is always a little goal of mine, but mostly because as usual I donated money based on pages read to a local charity.

I normally donate the money to some sort of literacy program but with the current world situation I decided to pick one with maybe a more pressing need. So, without further ado, I donated 20 cents/page to a local organization that provides meals for students during school closures. I polled a few friends and there was a strong consensus that this service is grealty needed in my region.

Now, onto the nerdy portion of the programming ….. As usual, I collected my data throughout the readathon and graphed a few things.



I find pages pages per hour (graph above) particularly informative as they nicely show reading spurts and reading slumps. I had a few of those slumps where I didn’t read much, like hours 8, 14, 16, and 19. The first three all include larger snack breaks and hour 19 was my first Dewey’s blog and Twitter hour, so I had a lot of distractions ;). Hours 3 and 4  as well as hours 15 and 16 were spent with zoom reading buddies. As you can see they went pretty well but also allowed me to take a much needed break (looking at you, hour 16). Nevertheless, the chart with the cumulative count below demonstrates that I had a fairly equal page count per hour as the slope seems pretty steady.


Well, I think this is all for now. It has been over two weeks since the readathon ;), so I really want this post to go live.

Happy reading!

ich lese

5 thoughts on “Dewey’s readathon stats and whatnot”

  1. Great job! Mine got interrupted by personal health issues and put me in a funk for a few days so that sucked. I just wanted a relaxing, stress-free ‘thon! Ah well. You didn’t post what you read though! I’m curious!


  2. Congratulations, 22 hours is amazing!!! Also I really like how informative your graphs are. Will consider doing them as well for a next one. I joined in but didn’t manage to read very much, but continued the readathon by myself personally throughout the following week.

    Liked by 1 person

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