Dewey’s #reversereadathon – 24 hours of summer fun

The skinny!

WHEN: August 7 – 8 (start time 8 PM EST)

WHERE: anywhere

HOW: pick out a book and read or listen to it, do this over and over again until 24 hours have passed

What specifically is the reverse readathon?

Dewey’s 24 hr readathon usually takes place in April and October. Last year, Andi and Heather introduced the reverse readathon, which entails two things: 1) it’s a more relaxed readathon (fewer mini challenges and blog posts for example) and 2) starts 12 hours earlier for everyone. So, for me, that means I start reading Friday night instead of Saturday morning. Kate and Gabby who took over Dewey’s readathon management earlier this year are keeping with the tradition. I am loving that the reverse readathon falls on a weekend in August this time since this allows me to combine it with the Women in Translation month and I am expecting to make great progress with my book goals that way.

What will I be reading?

I have a fairly large TBR for August and will just pull from that one. Here are a few options I am considering. There is no particular order but I am going to prioritize WIT books.

So Long a Letter and Aller Tage Abend/The End of Days are on my WIT month reading list. Of Salt and Shore and Stoker’s Wilde West are ARCs that I need to review within the next few weeks. The Color Purple is one of my 12 pledge books for 2020. Kindred, Spiderman – Kraven’s Last Hunt, and Amercican Gods, Vol.2 are all graphic novels I have on my shelf and have been meaning to read a while ago. White is for Witching and The Reddening are the August reads in the Horror Afficionados Goodreads group. Bloodchild (and other stories) is part of my endeavor to read everything by Octavia Butler. NOS4A2 is one of those books that I cannot believe I haven’ t read, yet. Her Final Words and The Last of the Moon Girls are the two books my book club is currently reading and I have some catching up to do. I am still adding poetry choices. During social media breaks I generally listen to an audiobook. I have not decided on that one, yet, either. Of course, any of this is subject to change on a whim. I am a big fan of reading whatever I want, especially during Dewey’s readathons.

Where will I be reading?

I have three favorite reading spots in my house and I am planning to take full advantage of them. (1) The guest bed! I have this super comfy bed with tons of throw pillows and lots of extra blankets and I truly enjoy lounging on that. Why waste such a good bed and keep it in pristine condition for guests who show up like once a year, and with the current situation probable never again?! (2) My patio! The patio has really been taking shape ever since the shutdown due to the pandemic. I’ve been nesting like crazy and ordering cozy patio furniture and cute solar lights. Staycation has been my regular weekend activity and I plan on reading in that spot if the weather allows. (3) A pillow fort! The past few readathons I built a sort-of pillow fort. I put tons of blankets and pillows on the floor in front of my bookshelves, the pets join me, snacks and drinks are within easy reach, and I am a happy camper. That is definitely on my to-do list before the readathon commences. I think it is important to move around during 24 hours of reading, which means I’ll be switching between at least those three locations.

Where will I chronicle my readathon experience?

As usual, I’ll be updating my personal progress here on the blog and on Twitter (give me a follow @evilbibliotaph). I often check the Facebook and the Goodreads groups, the Dewey’s blog, and the official Dewey’s Twitter account as well. Indeed, I will be taking over Dewey’s blog and Twitter for a few hours during the readathon and I will be hosting a discussion in the Goodreads group. Hours for all those are still to be determined. I hope to chat with you there. Leave your blogs and social media accounts in the comments, so I can be sure to follow your readathon.

You ask, … how can I prepare for the readathon?

In 2018, I wrote a blog post about how to prepare for Dewey’s readathon here. I still follow all those recommendations. I am currently thinking about my snack choices for example!

Happy reading! And I hope you join me during the #reversereadathon.

ich lese

6 thoughts on “Dewey’s #reversereadathon – 24 hours of summer fun”

  1. THIS made me laugh so hard: and with the current situation probable never again?!

    Can we please see a picture of the pillow fort? I want to try to recreate one for me and my cat. LOL

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