Dewey’s #reversereadathon – stats and whatnot


books finished: 5

books perused: 1

total pages read: 1037

hours slept: ~3

Hi bookish friends,

I generally have to take a break from social media and blogging after a Dewey’s readathon, which is why my readathon summary post always gets delayed. Somehow, reading doesn’t tire me out, but the rest does, lol. Anyway, I feel refreshed and thought I’d share my stats for this #reversereadathon. I am very happy with what I accomplished, specifically because I tend to spend much more time engaging with fellow readers during the reverse readathon than during the regular one.

When putting together my readathon TBR, I had decided to focus on #WITMonth books. Together with that and my decision to read mindfully and books by diverse authors at the beginning of the year, I chose and finished the following books.

I really loved So Long a Letter, The Color Purple, Kindred, and The Yellow Wallpaper (Goodreads reviews linked in the title). So much so, I don’t think I can truly pick a favorite – this dilemma is a love-hate relationship. I hadn’t read any Spiderman comics before but I enjoyed how weird and dark Kraven, the Hunter, is and how he challenges Spiderman’s (and the reader’s) moral compass. So Long a Letter counts toward my #WITMonth readings and The Color Purple was one of my 2020 pledge reads. At the very end of the readathon, I started Stoker’s Wilde West, an ARC, which I’ll review separately when I am done with this book.

As always, I collected my personal reading data along the way. I read So Long a Letter and The Color Purple early in the readathon and the graphic novels as well as The Yellow Wallpaper late. The big boosts in hourly page numbers are from the graphic novels (Kindred hours 14 and 15, Spiderman hours 18-23). I took nap breaks during hours 9 and 10, and hour 20. I hosted Dewey’s Twitter, blog, or Goodreads group during hours 6, 17, and 21 and spent the hours prior prepping for that.

How did you do? What did you read? I’d love to check out your blog posts, Insta posts, or any other bookish social media. So please leave links in the comments.

I also thought I should mention my blanket/pillow fort again. IT was a great success and, in fact, it is still up, and I have no plans right now to tear it down. It’s so cozy and comfy. I love it. The pets love it. My books love it. If you’re interested in seeing pictures, check out this post.

Closing survey

  • How would you assess your reading overall? I’m really happy with it. I spent a lot of time on social media and even napped for several hours but still got 1037 pages done.
  • Did you have a strategy, and if so, did you stick to it? I wanted to focus on #WITMonth books and womxn writers and was able to do so.
  • What was your favorite snack? Pizza! And I hadn’t even planned on that.
  • Wanna volunteer for our next event? Always! I have pretty much volunteered during each readathon but my first one.

I hope everyone had a great #reversereadathon.

ich lese

3 thoughts on “Dewey’s #reversereadathon – stats and whatnot”

  1. Great job! I also slept for 3 hours (all at once though) and actually surprised myself waking up naturally at 6am (after succumbing to sleep at 3am) because I accidentally set my work alarm for 6am and not my weekend alarm. So I can’t believe I didn’t sleep till like noon. lol. I achieved 1207 pgs with only one audiobook of 256 pgs. I always use the Kindle edition pgs because that’s probably the format I’d read if it wasn’t audio. I am very happy with my reverse readathon stats and the books I chose!

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