Top Ten Tuesday – books that should be picked up by Netflix

It’s TTT time! As usual, if you’re curious about this, Jana over at That Artsy Reader Girl hosts these weekly challenges (so, see her blog for more info).  I am really pumped about today’s prompt: books which should be adapted into Netflix shows or movies. The very obvious choice here for me would, of course, be horror books. Don’t fret, I do have a long list of them that I think need to be made into movies (hint: I see another blog post like this in the future), but I will refrain from pushing that agenda today. Instead, I would love to see more romance in my life. Occasionally (and lately more than occasionally), I love to escape into a world that’s mostly all rainbows and kittens but also makes me cry (you know what I’m talking about!). I’ve read several amazing, what I would losely define as romcom or romantic drama type books, which I would binge like crazy on Netflix. My strategy for today’s TT was simple: I looked at my 5 star ratings on Goodreads and selected the books that fall within that above-mentioned definition. The books below are not ranked in any way and don’t really total 10 (either way you count it, lol).

Twin stories always kinda tug at my heartstrings (no, I am not a twin, but love reading about that special bond). If I wanted a bit of nostalgia and a lot of seeing-me-on-screen, I’d watch Fangirl. If I wanted a good cry, I’d select I’ll Give You the Sun. Either way, I so want these novels to become movies asap. A movie for I’ll Give You the Sun is supposedly in the works but I haven’t heard anything about this recently.

The Night Circus would truly work as a Netflix series for me. With its fantastical settings, its adult romance, and its time-spanning events filled with wonder and magic, each episode could really drive home a message. This show would be a visual feast. I know the rights for this novel have been purchased but what the current development for this is, is unknown.

I loved both of these books (Get a Life, Chloe Brown and Take a Hint, Dani Brown) so much that I cannot wait for the third book, Act Your Age, Eve Brown to be released (no cover picture yet). Honestly, these must become movies! I am certain that they would quickly turn into go-to, re-watch anytime I need a pick-me up or laugh, kind of movies!

I enjoyed The Kiss Quotient a bit more than The Bride Test, but I believe this trilogy (book 3 not released yet, The Heart Principle) would make a great movie series. The Kiss Quotient adaptation seems to be in development, but again, nothing specific is know.

I have both Josie Silver books on this list. While The Brown Sisters and The Kiss Quotient trilogies are truly more fluff and feel-good. One Day in December and The Two Lives of Lydia Bird hit you where it hurts the most: your soul. Both novels feel more adult and deal with themes such as grief and missed opportunities. Yet, at the same time they lift you up and leave you hopeful. I’d watch them so hard, it’s not even funny. I think Reese Witherspoon was interested in picking up One Day in December but as far asm I am aware nothing official has been done.

A bit of historical romance, whether in comedy or more of a drama format, is always something I need in my life. Bringing Down the Duke and What the Wind Knows both fit that bill with the first promising a perfect light-hearted and empowering movie for a lazy Sunday afternoon and the second lending itself great to a series (filled with heartache, danger, and probably some tears). And don’t think What the Winds Knows is too reminiscent of Outlander, because it is so not.

Have you read any of these books that I am mentioning? Would you watch the TV show or movie? Leave your answers and links to your TTTs in the comments!

35 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – books that should be picked up by Netflix”

  1. I definitely agree about the Brown sisters series – they’d absolutely get some airtime on my TV! And while I didn’t love The Night Circus as a book, I think it would be a very cool movie! Awesome list.

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  2. Didn’t love Josie’s first book (though I really WANTED to!), but I think I’d like to read her follow up. Also, I’d still watch “One Day in December” as a film because I’m all about Christmas movies. 😀 Thanks for the Finding Wonderland visit.

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  3. I’ve been seeing The Kiss Quotient and The Night Circus on so many lists today, and both are on my TBR and this is making me want to read them both that much more!

    As someone who has a strong dislike towards Fangirl, I actually might be interested in seeing a film adaptation of it. I feel like the character dynamics/interactions would translate much better on screen, although I’d greatly miss the fanfiction aspect of the story since I’m not sure how well that would fit into a movie.

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